How Drywall Installation Is Cheaper Than Plaster

Before you hire someone to install your drywall, make sure you understand the process thoroughly. You should get a written contract outlining the scope of the job, the number of sheets, and the type of drywall used. It should also include a cost breakdown, including materials and labor. The contractor should agree to terms of payment that you understand.

Drywall is a durable material that is easy to repair. Minor repairs can be done with simple materials, but larger holes and cracks should be dealt with by a professional drywall installer. It can also hide unsightly wires and give walls a smooth polished appearance. Its versatility allows you to customize the look of the drywall with virtually endless finishes. It has evolved from ancient wall plaster and has now become an affordable, easy-to-install material.

Drywall comes in many sizes, but most common is a 4’x8′ sheet. However, 4’x16′ sheets are more difficult to work with. However, they are still more affordable than larger sheets. Depending on the size and the finish level, drywall installation costs will vary. For a larger job, the cost will be less per square foot, while a smaller one may cost more.

Drywall is a common finishing choice for many homeowners. It is inexpensive compared to plaster walls and paneling, and it’s relatively easy to repair. Moreover, it retains the room’s temperature and reduces energy bills. You can use a drywall installation team that can finish the job in a short period of time. For more details on drywall installation visit