Reasons to Hire a Professional Probate Lawyer

The death of a loved one can be an emotionally turbulent time, especially if there are disputes over the estate. In such cases, hiring a probate attorney can help ensure that everything is handled according to legal standards. A Chicago probate lawyer can provide guidance on transferring property to beneficiaries, resolving claims against the deceased’s estate, and other issues that arise during the probate process. They can also assist in preparing estate planning documents such as a will, power of attorney for healthcare and property, living will, trusts, and domestic partnership agreements.

The best probate lawyers in Chicago can offer a range of services. These may include proving the validity of a will, identifying the deceased’s property (or “estate”), having the estate’s assets appraised and valued, paying debts and taxes, and distributing the estate’s remaining assets to the heirs. Some of these tasks can be completed without court supervision if there are no conflicts between the deceased’s heirs, but in other cases, the estate’s representative will need to file a final account and request approval from the courts before taking any further action or distributing funds.

A probate attorney in Chicago can also assist with more complex matters that may require a court hearing, such as when a will is contested. A seasoned probate attorney can handle these types of proceedings quickly and efficiently, preventing lengthy and costly litigation that can cause delays in the distribution of an estate’s assets.

When a person dies, they may leave behind a variety of property including bank accounts, real estate, investments, personal belongings, and vehicles. These properties must go through the probate process to ensure that heirs receive their inheritance and that the deceased’s debts and taxes are paid. An experienced Chicago probate lawyer can help with all aspects of the probate process, including filing legal papers, obtaining a court date, issuing notices, and appointing an executor.

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