Using Printed Bags As a Strategic Tool for Brand Promotion

Whether shoppers are looking to stretch their budget or are out to treat themselves to some luxury, the bag they take their shopping home in says a lot about the brand they’re buying from. Taking the time to create an attractive bag that speaks to the brand’s image and values will ensure customers feel they’re getting good value for money and are supporting a well-regarded company.

Bags are a relatively cost-effective branding tool, and they’re also highly functional items that can be used again and again by your target market. This means that, when created by a talented designer, they can effectively double as a brand-building tool and an advertising medium.

One of the best ways to promote a business is to offer bags as part of an incentive package for subscriptions and pre-orders. When a customer receives a beautiful, branded bag as an exclusive gift with their purchase, it helps build up anticipation for the company and can encourage them to buy again in future.

Bags can also be an effective way to increase brand recognition at events and conferences. Creating bags with unique designs or limited-edition prints can help to add a sense of exclusivity to the event and encourage attendees to share images of the brand on social media. Alternatively, consider offering a giveaway of a limited number of bags with a popular design, so that more people have the chance to be exposed to your branding.

Branded bags can be used by your employees as part of team building activities, or can be handed out to customers as free promotional giveaways. Using a popular design across several different styles of bag can help to increase exposure and reach, and can even encourage cross-selling. For example, a hessian bag could be used as a picnic bag for a summer event and then re-used for grocery shopping or as a gym bag in the winter.

Adding a hashtag to your branded bags is a great way to encourage user-generated content (UGC) and further raise awareness of your brand. You could then provide discounts or other prizes to those who use the hashtag, helping to drive engagement and build your following online.

If you have a budget for it, hiring an influencer to feature your branded bags on their Instagram is another effective way of boosting brand awareness. This can be a fun and engaging way to align your brand with a specific lifestyle, and it can really help to boost sales of the bags too.

The design phase of bag is where creativity flourishes. Work closely with a local Salt Lake City print shop near you to bring your vision to life. Provide them with a design brief that outlines your preferences and any specific design elements you would like to include. Collaborate on the bag’s layout, placement of logos or artwork, and the overall aesthetic. Experienced designers can offer valuable input and suggestions to enhance your design.