Why having the top child custody lawyer a critical thing to do

Determining custody is one of the most significant legal matters following a divorce. It is critical to have the top child custody lawyer on your side regardless of your marital status and whether you are divorcing or separated from your spouse. Making the appropriate legal decision will help you make sure your kids are taken care of.

Parents are normally free to make their own arrangements and put them in writing through a formal agreement (like a separation agreement), even though custody is typically the most contentious subject in a divorce or separation. Even while it could be challenging at first, this arrangement is typically far more flexible and less expensive than going to court. Additionally, unless there is an obvious and present risk to a child’s welfare, the courts seldom become involved in this kind of arrangement.

In certain situations, a judge will mandate a psychologist’s evaluation to see how well the parents and kids are doing at home. After that, the court will determine what is best for the child. When one parent feels the other has become an unfit parent, this kind of evaluation is typically requested.

Judges are expected to encourage as much parental engagement as possible in a child’s life. That being said, a child does not have to spend the same amount of time with each parent. It is preferable to spend quality time over quantity of time. For instance, spending an hour supporting your child during a soccer match is significantly more enjoyable than spending endless hours playing video games in front of a computer screen.

The judge will also consider who has previously been caring for the child, depending on the specifics of the case. A judge would typically give preference to the parent who has been giving the child a steady and consistent environment. This is especially valid in cases when there has been prior abuse or neglect.

There are various ways that custody awards might be given. These consist of shared, joint, or sole legal custody. One parent with sole legal custody is fully capable of making all decisions. Both parents have access to the child’s academic records and share decision-making authority when they have joint or shared custody. A guardian ad litem may be appointed by the court in certain situations to represent the child’s needs and wishes.

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